drowning in the sorrow of a billion opinions

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1:What is your favorite book?
2:What was the last book you read?
3:What is the worst book you've ever read?
4:Top 7 book characters.
5:What is your favorite genre?
6:Book you cried the hardest reading?
7:Book you laughed the hardest reading?
8:Which book character(s) do you most relate to?
9:Favorite author(s)?
10:Do you judge books by their covers?
11:What is your favorite quote from a book?
12:Which book do you recommend to friends and family most?
13:Which book is so special to you that you don't share it with others?
14:Do you have any signed books?
15:Have you met any authors?
16:Buy books new, used, or go to the library?
17:Where is your favorite place to read?
18:Prefer books set in the past or the future?
19:What 5 elements would your ideal book have?
20:Do you ever hope to publish your own book?
21:Prefer stand alone or series?
22:Do you mark/highlight/dog ear your books or keep them in perfect condition?
23:Hardbacks or paperbacks?
24:Do you watch any booktubers?
25:Have you read _______?
26:Do you like twist endings?
27:Do you reread books?
28:E-readers or physical copies of books?
29:A book that makes you feel comforted?
30:Would you rather read any ending that makes you feel happy or sad?
31:Favorite villain in a book?
32:Do you like to write reviews when you finish a book?
33:Do you experience "book hangovers"?
34:Favorite book cover(s)?
35:Send me a book recommendation?